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Billings County Notification Signup

  1. 911 Citizen Notification
    911 Citizen Notifications are sent out at the request of the Billings County Sheriff/Emergency Manager. These notifications will only go out when there is an emergency situation in an identified geographic location area within Billings County. All land-lines are automatically registered for 911 Citizen Notifications.

    We encourage citizens to register their mobile phone numbers but it is not mandatory. Submit the form to have your mobile phone number added to the Billings County 911 Citizen Notification database. Notifications are made based on physical address locations. P.O. Boxes are not valid for 911 Citizen Notifications. If you don’t know your physical address, please contact the Billings County 911 office at 701-623-4810. Please only submit one name, address, and phone number per form. To register multiple phone numbers for a single address, please fill out the form for each phone number.
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